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‘Til Death Do Us Part

Recieving photos from my clients is one of the most exciting parts of my job! Always accompanied by my squealing with delight and making my Ever Patient Husband look at every. single. photo. I gush over every detail, thankful that I get to be a part of your special events. I shared some sneaky preview shots of Marshelle’s gown with… Continue reading ‘Til Death Do Us Part

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Workroom Journal: General Mayhem’s Gothic wedding Gown

Bridal designers are like secret agents. We work in secret on important missions, only sharing our progress with a select few! But today one of my summer clients (burlesque performer General Mayhem) swore her undying love in a gorgeous gothic ceremony. Which means I can finally share some workroom snaps of her Neo-Victorian wedding gown… Continue reading Workroom Journal: General Mayhem’s Gothic wedding Gown


Loving This: Arantzazu Martinez

Every so often there’s a painting I just fall in love with. Dracula, by Spanish artist Arantzazu Martinez is one of them – a hauntingly dramatic depiction of Mina Harker and Dracula himself. I could stare at it for hours… The detail and use of light is exquisite, and something I’d love to try and… Continue reading Loving This: Arantzazu Martinez

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Cog & Cake: Steampunk High Tea

Sunday saw us attend the Cog & Cake inaugural Steampunk High Tea, an event fundraising for a local steampunk film Stella 459. ( In short, an excuse to dress up and eat tiny foods, both of which I adore!). There are far too many photos for one post, so here is Part One – what… Continue reading Cog & Cake: Steampunk High Tea

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Preen Like You Mean It

I don’t think I’ve ever shared these with you? While I made the tailcoat and top hat set a while back, I never blogged these photos – shame on me! Some time ago I came across a length of cobalt blue raw silk. Silk so luminous, so electric, that I couldn’t pass it by. It… Continue reading Preen Like You Mean It

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A Sneaky Peek at Victorian Guilt

I’ve been working on a new collection…   Victorian Guilt  Influenced by the symbolism and literature of the Victorian era, memento mori and mysticism, tempered with a delicious dose of rock ‘n’ roll. Three items from this new range are up on the Etsy store and Facebook Page. The rest are staying hidden until I’ve developed… Continue reading A Sneaky Peek at Victorian Guilt

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Foggy Days and Art Galleries

New Zealand has weird weather. For anyone that’s lived here, visited here, or seen us on Nat Geo, the words “four seasons in one day” ring with truth. Currently we’re experiencing frigid mornings with more fog than daylight, creeping frosts, heavy rain and a moon that never sleeps, with a side helping of clear winter… Continue reading Foggy Days and Art Galleries