Wisdom Jewellery and Couture Collars

Hello there!

Summer seems to have finally arrived in New Zealand, so I’m making the most of the sunshine and getting on top of our mounting pile of washing!

While I wait for the next load to finish I’ll get you up to date on what’s been cooking at Cog & Compass!!

I’ve been adding to the Wisdom Jewellery collection with some new necklaces. Spooky yet refined these designs feature hand sculpted molars and bones.

I’ve also been working on a range of collars. These will be part of the upcoming Victorian Guilt collection.

Inspired by the opulence of 18th century fashion, 19th Century couture and tales of the debauchery or downfall of the wealthy (such as The Masque of the Red Death by E.A Poe), these one of a kind choker style collars combine rich silks and brocades with hand sculpted elements, vintage embellishments and beadwork.

The Prospero Collar

Silk collar with vintage lace and pearl embellishment

I’ll leave you to ponder the symbolism of wisdom teeth and read some Edgar A Poe. I’m off to bake some feijoa muffins for the Ever Patient Husband.

Busy Busy Busy

Wow, such a busy start to 2012!

We’re moving house this weekend ( oh the terror of the impending workroom pack up). The new place is a mess, so thankfully my family jumped in the like painting superheroes and helped make the place look liveable!

Two exciting photoshoots coming up in February – one I can share with you, one that I can’t. Aethercon also raises its squalling newborn head that month, which brings me to what I’ve been making lately….

Wisdom –  A collection of jewellery inspired by the attributes of the wise. Interpreting knowledge, curiosity and the possession of wisdom teeth (for a little tongue in cheek humour ), into covetable necklaces. Click on the image below to see the full album.