‘Til Death Do Us Part

gold and purple steampunk bride and groom

Recieving photos from my clients is one of the most exciting parts of my job! Always accompanied by my squealing with delight and making my Ever Patient Husband look at every. single. photo. I gush over every detail, thankful that I get to be … Continue reading

The ‘V’ Word

valentines day gift

Like every year, the pink and red bonanza that is Valentines Day is upon us. But if fluffy teddies and overblown heart balloons aren’t your style, Beckon Couture could save you agonizing over which heart shaped novelty is less cringeworthy. … Continue reading

Workroom Journal: Steampunk Sketches

J. Beck 2012 military steampunk

I’m working on secret wedding dresses at the moment. Big secret wedding dresses. That means no photos, and no blogging! To make up for the lack of current content, here’s some sketches from my concept files. Steampunk style at its … Continue reading

RiK Photoshoot: Part Two

RiK photography 2

Presenting Part Two! The slightly more clothed half of the RiK set, featuring Cog & Compass clothing and jewellery. Check out the gorgeous (not work safe) photos in Part One, and you’ll appreciate how different these stronger shots are from … Continue reading

Kraken in a Bottle Necklaces

kraken in a bottle -green

What’s more awesome than a ( tiny ) giant squid monster in a bottle?  Not much I’d say. I uploaded the Kraken in a Bottle necklaces to the boutique today. It always take so much longer than I expect! These … Continue reading

Cog & Cake: Steampunk High Tea

James and I 'Looking winsome'

Sunday saw us attend the Cog & Cake inaugural Steampunk High Tea, an event fundraising for a local steampunk film Stella 459. ( In short, an excuse to dress up and eat tiny foods, both of which I adore!). There … Continue reading

Bad Things Burlesque


I’m running out of titles for posts about the last show, so I’ve resorted to the song title. Also Bad Things Burlesque is my future imaginary burlesque show/club/group, so don’t you be stealing it! Here’s the photos of my last … Continue reading