Help Get Steampunk on the Road!

My friend Professor Damotimus Tipotus (or ‘Damo’ for those short of breath or low on time) runs the Libratory in Oamaru. It’s a swell little spot, half laboratory, half library, and one hundred percent steampunky goodness. Now Damo has a dream…a dream of a mobile libratory. Modelled on the interior of a submarine, the mobile… Continue reading Help Get Steampunk on the Road!

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Expidition Oamaru – Part two

Good evening comrades, Having reviewed my logbook on this dark and dreary eve I return to inform and enlighten with my experiences during the expedition to Oamaru. The following establishments and events are but a small selection of what the steampunk city has to offer. For those of an artistic persuasion I suggest a wander around the numerous… Continue reading Expidition Oamaru – Part two

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Oamaru – New Zealand’s Steampunk Capital

Hello and good evening! First and foremostly I must apologise for my recent absence from the technological world. I can assure you I am very much alive, and have not yet been devoured by a Kraken, Yeti or other creature of disputed existence. I have however been very busy preparing and embarking on an expedition to Oamaru… Continue reading Oamaru – New Zealand’s Steampunk Capital

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Introducing Pockets McGee

Just a quick telegram tonight my dears, Yesterday I promised you my initial concept drawing for ‘Pockets McGee‘, and I shall not disappoint. This is the first character concept sketch, so she’ll have to mature a bit before I’m happy to let her loose on the world.  In my opinion Pockets shall be the perfect combination… Continue reading Introducing Pockets McGee

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Full Steam Ahead

Salutations on this (surprisingly) fine evening, I am exceedingly excited about my next big project. A full steam, character driven costume! The Oamaru Steampunk Fashion show and Steampunk Ball are taking place this June. You can see entries from last years show here, and register to enter here. With the illustrious Weta Workshop among the… Continue reading Full Steam Ahead