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The Golden Flower – Custom Designed Medal

A lovely lady named Katrina recently commissioned a medal Β to present to her Nana upon her 80th birthday. Her Nana Gladys was a fascinating woman, and so similar to my own, I was honoured Katrina chose me to design her gift. Gladys Drinkrow grew up in Wellington (New Zealand) during WWII before becoming a farmer… Continue reading The Golden Flower – Custom Designed Medal

Beckon Couture · Cog & Compass

I moustache You a Question!

But I’ll shave that for later! …Imagine an olde worlde French circus, directed by a militant ringmaster with a well groomed moustache and rakish attitude. A world of lights and glitter. Corset clad showgirls, elephants and sword swallowers. The smell of sawdust and mystery fills the smoky air, as the lights dim, and the show… Continue reading I moustache You a Question!

Beckon Couture · Cog & Compass

Moustache Medal V.1

I’m just dropping in to share a quick pic of one of my new medal prototypes. This quirky number is still in the developmental stages, as it’s come to my attention that changes must be made to strengthen the moustache charm. ( Maybe I should ask Chuck Norris for some ‘stache strenghtening exercises!). More from… Continue reading Moustache Medal V.1