The Golden Flower – Custom Designed Medal

A lovely lady named Katrina recently commissioned a medal  to present to her Nana upon her 80th birthday. Her Nana Gladys was a fascinating woman, and so similar to my own, I was honoured Katrina chose me to design her gift.

Gladys Drinkrow grew up in Wellington (New Zealand) during WWII before becoming a farmer and mother in Northland. She had a flourishing garden and was forever making tomato relish, lemon curd and tins full of delicious baking.  Katrina is her oldest grandchild, and described Gladys as her ‘second mum’.

I wanted the medal and certificate to reflect Gladys, her love for plants, and her motherly nature. I chose organic greens and blues for the ribbons, while a copper tone daisy mounted on a textured disk  was the perfect medallion. I embossed a floral ‘D’ for Drinkrow  to add an extra personal touch.

The Golden Flower-J.Beck, 2013
Glady's certificate - J.Beck 2013The Golden Flower medal - J.Beck, 2013
I knew Katrina was visiting her Nana on the weekend, so I sent her a quick message wishing her a good trip, and Gladys a happy birthday. She replied :

       “My Nana loved her medal – brought tears to her eyes (and mine too) when I gave it to her.”

I couldn’t ask for better feedback!






I moustache You a Question!

But I’ll shave that for later!

…Imagine an olde worlde French circus, directed by a militant ringmaster with a well groomed moustache and rakish attitude. A world of lights and glitter. Corset clad showgirls, elephants and sword swallowers. The smell of sawdust and mystery fills the smoky air, as the lights dim, and the show begins…

The latest Cog & Compass medals are inspired by my imagining of a vintage militant circus travelling through provincial France. Epaulettes, braid and impressive facial hair abound!  (I’ve included my mood board below for your perusal).

Inspiration board for a Vintage French Militant Circus

The moustache medals are a concoction of quirky and colourful that will add the perfect faux-serious touch to your lapel.  Each one features a quaint hand sculpted moustache motif! Use them to embellish your beret, satchel or favourite coat for a splash of vintage strongman style.

Moustache medals!

Reminiscent of 18th century French military regalia, my new ornate medals glimmer with elegance, glory and ringmaster bravado. As with all Cog & Compass creations, no two medals are exactly alike, so you may don your awards with pride, safe in the knowledge that each one is unique!

Ornate French medals


Ah, you are enquiring as to the question I mentioned earlier? Well I would love to hear your opinions on these new creations of course!

New medals and accessories will be joining the Militant Circus range in the near future, so stay alert for updates! (Can’t wait for another vintage circus fix? Check out the amazing strongman inspired art over at the She Walks Softy blog.)

Moustache Medal V.1

I’m just dropping in to share a quick pic of one of my new medal prototypes. This quirky number is still in the developmental stages, as it’s come to my attention that changes must be made to strengthen the moustache charm. ( Maybe I should ask Chuck Norris for some ‘stache strenghtening exercises!).

Monsier Le 'Stache Medal - Awarded for Possession of Ringmasterly Flair

More from this militant vintage circus inspired range later in the week!