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The Bride Wore Black : A Gothic Wedding in NZ

I’ve spent hours trawling through images of Vivien’s amazing big fat gothic wedding trying to pick my favourites.  They’re all gorgeous… It’s a hard life… But two cups of tea and many biscuits later, here they are – wedding photos proving that brides can wear black, gothic weddings can be classy, and that getting married your way is… Continue reading The Bride Wore Black : A Gothic Wedding in NZ

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Workroom Journal: General Mayhem’s Gothic wedding Gown

Bridal designers are like secret agents. We work in secret on important missions, only sharing our progress with a select few! But today one of my summer clients (burlesque performer General Mayhem) swore her undying love in a gorgeous gothic ceremony. Which means I can finally share some workroom snaps of her Neo-Victorian wedding gown… Continue reading Workroom Journal: General Mayhem’s Gothic wedding Gown

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Loving this: Vivien Masters

Nothing beats an interesting lady in interesting clothes, and Vivien Masters never disappoints. Vivien is a mad skilled artist who lives in the same city as me. Her imagination and amazing style wow me every time. She’s also one of my brides this season,  her gown is going to be stupendous! While the dress design… Continue reading Loving this: Vivien Masters


Loving This: Arantzazu Martinez

Every so often there’s a painting I just fall in love with. Dracula, by Spanish artist Arantzazu Martinez is one of them – a hauntingly dramatic depiction of Mina Harker and Dracula himself. I could stare at it for hours… The detail and use of light is exquisite, and something I’d love to try and… Continue reading Loving This: Arantzazu Martinez

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RiK Photoshoot: Part One (Warning – Nudity!)

Of all the photographers wanting to borrow designs for photoshoots, Richard Leonard is one I am always happy to oblige! He shot one of the very first sets for Cog & Compass ( and myself as a model ), and is so easy to work with. His latest shoot featuring my couture work explores the… Continue reading RiK Photoshoot: Part One (Warning – Nudity!)

Beckon Couture · Cog & Compass

The Goddess Project: Nemesis

Hello and good evening! As some of you may know, I am a Nocturne Girl for Nocturne Magazine. Early this year we shot the Goddess Project – each Nocturne Girl representing a goddess in a shoot destined for Issue Five of the magazine. I chose to depict Nemesis. Since Issue Five has now been released… Continue reading The Goddess Project: Nemesis