A Coronoid Fracture and Lcl Avulsion pt.2 (also known as I Have a Robot Arm)

A month has passed since my elbow breaking fall and subsequent surgery.                                            Fourteen days after surgery the last of the staples were removed from the giant incision on my arm. A red fibreglass cast replaced the nasty backslab until now.

Today is day thirty – the day I got my robot arm.

Okay so it’s not really robotic, but it looks it, so let a girl have her fun. (Cthulhu knows I need it right now).

Better, faster, stronger? Sadly not...

Robot arm is officially called a Don Joy brace. It allows the extension and flexion of the elbow to be adjusted by ten degree increments. The idea is to gradually increase the movement of my arm over the next two months – strengthening and stretching the fixed parts of my elbow without causing further damage.

The recent additions to my elbow

New x rays were also done today to check everything we can’t see from the outside. Apparently everything looks fine and all the plates and screws have stayed where they should be. Honestly it feels pretty weird to know that those bits are inside my arm.

I can remove the bandages from my cut in a week. When I do I’ll take a picture so you can admire the beginning of an impressive scar.