Photo Preview | Velvet & the Mannequin

Sunday saw my first shoot with Mike of Froger Photo and the lovely LaVonne of Tock Tick Vintage. It was such a fun day, things got weird, I got lost in the Narnia of LaVonne’s store buying¬†pretty things, oh, and we took some photos! The photos are being edited and sent off to various publications… Continue reading Photo Preview | Velvet & the Mannequin


The ‘V’ Word

Like every year, the pink and red bonanza that is Valentines Day is upon us. But if fluffy teddies and overblown heart balloons aren’t your style, Beckon Couture could save you agonizing over which heart shaped novelty is less cringeworthy. Sashay through my online boutique to find a handcrafted gift she’ll treasure (and that she’ll… Continue reading The ‘V’ Word


2013: The Busiest Year Ever

Hello my little dumplings! Every time I visit I feel I must apologise for my long¬†absence. Therefore, please accept my sincerest apologies. 2013 shall forever be known to me as “the year everything happened at once”. I’m preparing for Aethercon Steampunk Convention, a burlesque show, a family wedding, and doing Sunday markets all at the… Continue reading 2013: The Busiest Year Ever

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Super Tangy Lemon Yoghurt Cake

There is no flavour that compares to a ripe lemon. Tangy and tart with a hidden sweetness, lemons are one of my favourite flavours to bake with! This cake is my current obsession. It’s moist and summery, with a delectable balance of sour and sweet. It’s also one of the easiest cakes I’ve ever made.… Continue reading Super Tangy Lemon Yoghurt Cake