2013: The Busiest Year Ever

Hello my little dumplings!

Every time I visit I feel I must apologise for my long absence. Therefore, please accept my sincerest apologies.

2013 shall forever be known to me as “the year everything happened at once”. I’m preparing for Aethercon Steampunk Convention, a burlesque show, a family wedding, and doing Sunday markets all at the same time! Do people realise the year will continue after June? Spread things out a little!

Anyway, rant over. Here’s what I’ve been making lately, they’ll make their debut at Aethercon.

Reversible obi style belts: comfort, versatility and badass style all in one sweet package. Ranging from $55 – $65 these flattering belts define your waist in all kinds of good ways. They’re all handmade by me, and there lot’s more styles yet to come!

maker1 maker2 maker3 botanist3 botanist1 botanist2 orchid2 orchid 3Orchid1



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