Beckon Couture

New Designs – Bitchin’ Leather Bows

With Cog & Compass debuting at the Coatesville Market this Sunday, I’ve been preparing some sweet new designs!

Prim and proper with a high fashion edge, my new range of leather bows are all cut and assembled by hand. My hand of course; no sweat shop labour here!

Adorn yourself with brooches or necklaces. These bows are smart enough for workwear, but their tough leather appeal will rock well into the night !

leather bows 3 leather bows 1 leather bows 2
Random P.S: as I finish this post my Everpatient Husband has viewed the office in horror. I’ve been desiging and printing new tags, so cardstock, rulers and scalpels are all over the place.

“This does not belong in here” he cries, “This was my last bastion against crafts!”

Poor guy, I’d better clean up. He’s making mad good macaroni cheese for dinner.

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