Food is Love

In my family food is love. No occasion, big or small, passes without the presence of a cheesecake, bap or casserole. My Nanas chocolate brownie is used as currency and my mothers banana muffins never outlive a family visit.

Every Christmas I bake bags of edible delights for my extended family. Christmas Eve sees me covered in flour, with doughy hands and a stack of recipes in clearfile folders. This year I gifted my family Cranberry , Macadamia and Almond Biscotti, Peppermint Cremes, Gingerbread, Cheese Straws, Chocolate Sultana Biscuits and Banana Chocolate Muffins.


It was my first attempt at biscotti, and it came out ever so well! I used this recipe from Martha Stewart, and while my dough seemed somewhat stickier than hers (there was no way I could “shape it into logs”, I basically just poured it onto the tray!) the result was delicious!

I changed out the pistachios for macadamias and almonds – just because I like them better. Next time I’ll add dried apricots and dark chocolate – YUM!

I’m in a foodie mood at the moment, so my next few blog posts will be treats and family recipes. Coming up next – tiny tantalising peppermint cremes!

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