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The Victorian Garden Gown

One day I’ll get around to shooting fancy pictures of my costumes, until then, I give you candid wedding snapshots!

I designed this gown for the Victorian wedding of two very dear friends. While the day itself was incredibly hot, nothing beats swanning around a historic house in a glam gown.

I call this the Victorian Garden Gown, due to the colour scheme and embroidery. Partly chosen because I love green, and partly because I’m trying to work through my growing stash of fabric!



For the bodice and skirt (complete with pleated dust ruffle) I chose an olive green taffeta, contrasted with embroidered black silk panels. The bustle is textured green organza with a few black faux flowers peeking from its folds.

Gowns like this remind me why I love Victorian fashion – nothing feels more feminine than the swish of full skirts!

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