Help Get Steampunk on the Road!

My friend Professor Damotimus Tipotus (or ‘Damo’ for those short of breath or low on time) runs the Libratory in Oamaru. It’s a swell little spot, half laboratory, half library, and one hundred percent steampunky goodness.

Now Damo has a dream…a dream of a mobile libratory. Modelled on the interior of a submarine, the mobile libratory will head out from Oamaru, New Zealand, and take steampunk to the masses!

This will open up the exciting world of retro-futurism to schools, events, and those unable to travel to the bigger steampunk events. Prof. Damotimus will be getting folks involved in steampunk, and teaching people how to create their own steampunk masterpieces from recycled materials!

Your contribution can help make this fantastical voyage a reality!

Please visit the Steampunk on the Road Pledgeme page and donate what you can. Even a little bit will help!

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