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A Little Red Riding Cape

Ahoy comrades!

With the onset of chilly winter weather my mind has turned to cozier couture. Something to hold off the frigid mornings and bitter winds, while in no way resembling the green and purple raincoat I dreaded as a child.

And so was born the Little Red Riding Cape. A Victorian concoction of warm red and black herringbone wool, lined with soft black satin and trimmed with black satin lining. Black cotton broderie anglais lace and a big satin pussycat bow add the final touches. So cute and yet so warm!

This cape is modelled on a historical pattern from the Victorian period.
I love the voluminous cut – perfect for pretty pirouetting or snuggling in against the wind.  I’m also a huge fan of big loose hoods. They keep your ears warm, stop your hair from blowing everywhere (why does it always end up in my mouth!?) and – most importantly – gives you an air of mystery with that handy shadow over your face tehehe.

I haven’t yet decided if this one will be for sale, or if I will keep it for myself! What do you think?

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