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The Steampunk Wedding Video

Remember that steampunk wedding shoot my Everpatient Husband and I worked on? Remember how I promised to share the video with you? Well here it is, for your viewing pleasure, direct from the maker himself (my Everpatient Husband, James). Click the image below to be taken to the youtube video. One again, you can visit the… Continue reading The Steampunk Wedding Video

Beckon Couture · Cog & Compass

Conceptual Drawings For Your Viewing Pleasure

With the help of my extremely nifty new scanner I’ve been able to upload some of my conceptual sketches – works previously confined to the physical realm. I’ll be adding more of these to the Cog & Compass facebook page when I have a moment. Some of these sketches are for garments I have completed, some… Continue reading Conceptual Drawings For Your Viewing Pleasure

Adventures · Beckon Couture · Cog & Compass

Steampunk Wedding for The Gothic Wedding Planner

So a wee while ago my friend Steff from the Gothic Wedding Planner sent out the call for a team. A team so imaginative, so awesome, and so darn clever that they could organise, style, stage and shoot a steampunk wedding on a realistic budget . I was part of that team. This is our… Continue reading Steampunk Wedding for The Gothic Wedding Planner

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Military Cyborg – The Back story

So as I’ve mentioned, my new character has been lacking in both a name and a history. While a suitable moniker still eludes me, I do have a rough ‘recent history’ imagined. Picture yourself in a dimly lit saloon. A table of steampunk characters gather by the fire, military folk, airship mechanics and the odd… Continue reading Military Cyborg – The Back story


Fruity Bread and Butter Pudding

Winter is setting in. The mornings are crisp, the evenings dark and rainy. While I would prefer to hibernate through the colder months, I appreciate winter for one thing – the glorious comfort food! Apple dumplings, steamed puddings, crumbles and fruit sponges. Nothing is cozier than a hot, delicious dessert in the oven, wafting the smell… Continue reading Fruity Bread and Butter Pudding