It’s All in the Details – Steampunk Wedding Ring Pillow

Ahoy there!

A couple of weeks ago I styled a photo shoot with Steff (of Steff Metal fame) for her Gothic Wedding Planner site. Gothic Wedding Planner helps alternative couples create a day that reflects them. Steff also happens to be a celebrant of unequalled badassity.

Anywho, I like every aspect of an event to be cohesive in style –  so I decided to concoct a ring cushion of such steampunk wonderfulness that onlookers would coo with admiration, uttering such comments as ” That’s super rad!”.

The hand embroidered design features clock hands stemming from a cog, with scattered moths and daisies. Industrial yet romantic, and reminiscent of a time gone by.
Warm chocolate and honey tones were my colours of choice, reflecting contemporary steampunk style.

No one seems to agree on the origins of wedding ring pillows. Some say they hark from ancient Egypt, where precious gems were presented on pillows. Some say it comes from the presentation of a coronation crown upon a pillow, leading others to present their most precious gifts, their wedding rings, upon a pillow also.
To be honest I see them as a pretty way of preventing the ring bearer losing the rings!

The first ring pillow I created was my own. With a boisterous three and half year old ring bearer, two rings in a small box seemed to easy to misplace – so I created an oversized ring pillow that suited our J. W Waterhouse influenced wedding.
Sewn from the same pale aqua fabric as my gown, I embroidered it with a motif of two dragonflies embellished with pearls and glass beads.

Two years on from our wedding this pillow sits in my room, a reminder of our day. Which is why I believe it’s all about the details- personalised accessories can make beautiful keepsakes. And you never know, using your one of a kind steampunk ring pillow could become a family tradition!

I’ll Be Back Soon!

Are you busy this year? Everybody seems to be, including me. 

Sadly this year of unending busyness is leading to more creating and less blogging. It’s a sad state of affairs when I can’t share my newest ideas and pretties – so I’m working on a bogging fitness program! If all goes to plan you’ll be seeing a lot more of me dear friends!

There’s also some mindblowing new shoes in my wardrobe. Their shiny deliciousness will be new additions to the happy feet series.

Peacock Feather Earrings

Peacock Feather Earrings

Peacock Feather Earrings

Today I made my first pair of peacock feather earrings!

Scattered with tiny iridescent beads these beauties are for my friend Lou to wear while belly dancing.
I was originally going to place silver bee charms between the earring hooks and the feathers – but they were simply too long! I didn’t want them getting stuck on her shoulders as she moved.

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