Blast from the Past – Drawings of the Voodoo Man

You remind me of a man.
(What man?)
Oh, the man with the power.
(What power?)
Oh, the power of voodoo
(Who do?)
Oh, you do, you do
(Do what?)

Now I have that song well and truly stuck in your head, I’m going to introduce you to Voodoo Man!

Voodoo Man was born during my late teens, during my classical studies classes.

             “What does studying ancient Greece have to with voodoo?” you ask..

Absolutely nothing, apart from a lack of challenging class material. Left to amuse myself I created a series of drawings depicting the adventures of a twisted but lovable voodoo doll, who’s somehow fallen into the hands of a very unbalanced child. (He’s a nut! He’s crazy in the coconut!)

The Voodoo Man awaits his next victim...

Voodoo Man No. 1

There’s about twenty five drawings, all simple line art in black ink pen. I’ll post one or two a day until my arm is usable and I can craft again.


8 thoughts on “Blast from the Past – Drawings of the Voodoo Man

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