Blast from the Past – Drawings of the Voodoo Man

You remind me of a man.
(What man?)
Oh, the man with the power.
(What power?)
Oh, the power of voodoo
(Who do?)
Oh, you do, you do
(Do what?)

Now I have that song well and truly stuck in your head, I’m going to introduce you to Voodoo Man!

Voodoo Man was born during my late teens, during my classical studies classes.

             “What does studying ancient Greece have to with voodoo?” you ask..

Absolutely nothing, apart from a lack of challenging class material. Left to amuse myself I created a series of drawings depicting the adventures of a twisted but lovable voodoo doll, who’s somehow fallen into the hands of a very unbalanced child. (He’s a nut! He’s crazy in the coconut!)

The Voodoo Man awaits his next victim...

Voodoo Man No. 1

There’s about twenty five drawings, all simple line art in black ink pen. I’ll post one or two a day until my arm is usable and I can craft again.


A Coronoid Fracture and Lcl Avulsion (Also known as “I Can’t Use My Arm Right Now”)

All is not well in the land of me.

In fact, all is frustrating and quite painful. I’ve managed to break myself you see. My elbow to be exact.

If you’re wondering how something so foolish as elbow breakage occurs, I can now inform you that it happens when one falls from the chair one is is standing on, and impacts badly with the floor.

So now I have a coronoid fracture and lcl avulsion in my right elbow. In english that means that in one place part of my bone broke off, and in another place my ligaments snapped off and took a chunk of bone with it.  Tiny hands are pointing these out in the x ray below.

This resulted in Sunday being spent at Accident & Emergency, and three and a half hours of surgery on Monday to fix mein uber-ouch.

Fixing required cutting down the back of my arm and peeling it open to repair the bones with plates and screws, and reattaching the ligaments with lures.

They sent me home the next day with a nerve blocker (a tube in my shoulder feeding local anaesthetic into my arm) which my ever patient husband had to pull out later. Yucky.

Ten days after surgery.

So much bruising!

Ten days after surgery they removed every second staple and replaced them with tape. A very unpleasant experience I must say – even without the nerve overload which caused me to almost pass out when they washed my arm.

Every second staple removed and replaced with tape.

Next week I go back to hospital have the remaining staples removed and a fibreglass cast put on. In the mean time I’m shuffling around knocking back painkillers and taking nana-naps.

Long story short, I can’t use my arm. Or hand. So unfortunately crafting is off the cards for the moment :(

I may try and keep busy by posting about previous projects, but in the meantime I shall leave you with this advice…

Buy a stepladder.

New Cog & Compass Photoshoot Images!

Hello Hello!

A wee while ago I mentioned a photoshoot had taken place for some of my new designs. Now I have the extreme pleasure of sharing some of the gorgeous images with you! Once again thank you my amazing team from the day, you assistance was invaluable!

My inspiration for these designs included romantic Victorian gentility, the paintings of J. W  Waterhouse and Dante Gabriel Rossetti, and the sassy sensuality of South Western steampunk.

Click on the image below to view the full gallery!

Photograph by Richard Leonard Photography

As always, your feedback is hugely appreciated. Do let me know what you think of the designs, and which are your favourite shots!

La Calavera Catrina for Halloween

I can’t believe I forgot to post this!

For Halloween this year I was La Calavera Catrina – The Elegant Skull. La Calavera is a very popular motif in Mexico for Dia De Los Muertos, the day of the dead. For a long time I’ve been interested in the ways different cultures honour their dead, and the colour and festivities involved in Mexican Dia De Los Muertos traditions are just so beautiful.

The dress was whipped up from some fabric I had hoarded away, topped off with a wreath of faux flowers and a lacy shawl. I did my own make up using water based face paint, and I must admit to being unreasonably proud – it’s not bad for my first attempt at facepainting! (Although it did take about an hour and a half). I think I captured the mood of a Calavera Catrina quite nicely…