Delicious Decor for the Unconventional Home

Good day! With Halloween drawing closer I’ve had spooky creations on the brain. When I’m creating accessories, one of my big inspirations is making creepy things cute and cute things creepy. Last week there were frozen tentacles at the asian grocer. Creepy? Yes. Cute? … not so much. But there was potential. The weird suckers,… Continue reading Delicious Decor for the Unconventional Home


Wandering the RWC Fan Trail

Hello hello, As many will know, last night was the Rugby World Cup Final here in Auckland, New Zealand! Auckland has been over run with rugby fever for the duration of the cup, with special Fan Trail walks and public areas. To celebrate the final match (and the All Blacks Impending victory), James and I… Continue reading Wandering the RWC Fan Trail

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Making, Baking and Picture Taking

Salutations dear friend! My world is bustling and busy this month, so please excuse my lack of communication. Friday saw Cog & Compass’s second official photo shoot take place. As always I was in a mad rush to get everything completed! Luckily I had backup in the form of my most excellent mother- seamstress extraordinaire… Continue reading Making, Baking and Picture Taking

Cog & Compass

The Bunny with the Kaleidoscope Eye

Good day my dear companions! Actually it’s an awful day where I am, all raining and windy. At least I’m inside where it’s snuggly and warm, and what better to be snuggly and warm with than a Cog & Compass plushie! I made this wee Cogling for my dear friend Jordan, to keep her company… Continue reading The Bunny with the Kaleidoscope Eye

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I moustache You a Question!

But I’ll shave that for later! …Imagine an olde worlde French circus, directed by a militant ringmaster with a well groomed moustache and rakish attitude. A world of lights and glitter. Corset clad showgirls, elephants and sword swallowers. The smell of sawdust and mystery fills the smoky air, as the lights dim, and the show… Continue reading I moustache You a Question!