Pretty Spring Blossoms

Spring is here!

In my part of the world that means random rain showers, sudden temperature changes and a high pollen count.

But in between running for shelter and sneezing my head off, I do appreciate how pretty the blossoms are.

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Delicious Decor for the Unconventional Home

Good day!

With Halloween drawing closer I’ve had spooky creations on the brain.

When I’m creating accessories, one of my big inspirations is making creepy things cute and cute things creepy. Last week there were frozen tentacles at the asian grocer.

Creepy? Yes.

Cute? … not so much.

But there was potential. The weird suckers, the pretty curling shapes, I can work with that. So I did. Adding a splash of anime inspiration and a candy colour scheme resulted in some sweet squidy earrings.

But that wasn’t enough. I’ve gone cephalopod crazy. So I’m making this…

A creepy cute tentacle candy jar!

I love glass jars and bottles, especially pretty Victorian style ones like this.  They make such beautiful display cases and always look slightly alchemical.

I’m still deciding how many tentacles it needs. I’m thinking a few more small ones are required, so these ones are sitting in blutack until I’m happy with the arrangement. Once it’s finished this tentacley treat will be displayed in the lounge along with a selection of ghoulish goodies ( Including the tiny vial of bones in the photo).

Wandering the RWC Fan Trail

Hello hello,

As many will know, last night was the Rugby World Cup Final here in Auckland, New Zealand! Auckland has been over run with rugby fever for the duration of the cup, with special Fan Trail walks and public areas.

To celebrate the final match (and the All Blacks Impending victory), James and I decided to take a wander around the waterfront fan areas and walk the fan trail that connects the down town fanzones to Eden Park. I have to say I was impressed!!

The Wynyard Quarter Fanzone by the waterfront silos was my favourite – family orientated with international food vendors (Hungarian fried bread with tomato and feta=yum!) , music, an underwater themed childrens playground, basketball court, greenhousey cafe and plenty of seating. A beautiful restored tram was doing circuits around the area ( Although I wish the tram circuit had been slightly bigger!)

Standing in front of the gorgeous restored tram.

The Queens Wharf Fanzone was waaay too packed so we skipped it and headed for the Fantrail.  Strolling up through Aotea Square and Myers Park was a series of art instalments in shipping containers, built by NZ artists and University students.

Floating umbrellas carry tiny speakers, playing snatches of conversation like you're walking through a crowd in the rain.

Umbrellas drift out the back of the container.

Representing NZ's volcanic landscape, cable ties, pvc tubing and lights create a representation of geysers and volcanoes.

These were my favourite two installations, you can see more photos from our wanderings in the slideshow. I thought I’d taken a ton of photos, but I missed so much!

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Making, Baking and Picture Taking

Salutations dear friend!

My world is bustling and busy this month, so please excuse my lack of communication.

Friday saw Cog & Compass’s second official photo shoot take place. As always I was in a mad rush to get everything completed! Luckily I had backup in the form of my most excellent mother- seamstress extraordinaire and saver of my sanity.

Pearl DuNasemant  (the hair and makeup artist who worked on the first photoshoot) was kind enough to lend her talents to the Steampunk cause, as was her gorgeous daughter Roni who came to model. It was Roni’s first photoshoot and she worked wonderfully under the direction of photographer Richard Leonard . Richard was lovely to work with, and most patient with my constant popping into the frame to primp and adjust!

The photographs are in post production as we speak, and I’ll share them with you as soon as they’re done.      (I can’t wait to see them myself!)

In other news, The Cog and Compass etsy shop is finally underway.  I’ll be uploading a few things at a time when I have a moment. You can also request custom items through the store, so don’t be shy!

As for today, I’m taking the time machine to the 1950’s, where I’ll don an apron and bake my ever patient husband some muffins.

(Apparently the boys at work mentioned that it had been too long since he took them baking, so I must remedy the situation haha).

The Bunny with the Kaleidoscope Eye

Good day my dear companions!

Actually it’s an awful day where I am, all raining and windy. At least I’m inside where it’s snuggly and warm, and what better to be snuggly and warm with than a Cog & Compass plushie!

I made this wee Cogling for my dear friend Jordan, to keep her company in her new flat. Jordan’s all about colour, so when I saw this awesome patterned fabric I just had to get some! The colourful print’s a bit psychedelic, so I wanted to make something groovy and a little bit weird. Thus Psychobunny was born!

Made of 100 percent swirly flower power goodness…

Psychobunny - it's all groovy baby

Kaleidoscope eye anyone?

I couldn’t resist snapping a photo of Jordan and Psychobunny at her flatwarming – how awesome is her yellow onesy?

I moustache You a Question!

But I’ll shave that for later!

…Imagine an olde worlde French circus, directed by a militant ringmaster with a well groomed moustache and rakish attitude. A world of lights and glitter. Corset clad showgirls, elephants and sword swallowers. The smell of sawdust and mystery fills the smoky air, as the lights dim, and the show begins…

The latest Cog & Compass medals are inspired by my imagining of a vintage militant circus travelling through provincial France. Epaulettes, braid and impressive facial hair abound!  (I’ve included my mood board below for your perusal).

Inspiration board for a Vintage French Militant Circus

The moustache medals are a concoction of quirky and colourful that will add the perfect faux-serious touch to your lapel.  Each one features a quaint hand sculpted moustache motif! Use them to embellish your beret, satchel or favourite coat for a splash of vintage strongman style.

Moustache medals!

Reminiscent of 18th century French military regalia, my new ornate medals glimmer with elegance, glory and ringmaster bravado. As with all Cog & Compass creations, no two medals are exactly alike, so you may don your awards with pride, safe in the knowledge that each one is unique!

Ornate French medals


Ah, you are enquiring as to the question I mentioned earlier? Well I would love to hear your opinions on these new creations of course!

New medals and accessories will be joining the Militant Circus range in the near future, so stay alert for updates! (Can’t wait for another vintage circus fix? Check out the amazing strongman inspired art over at the She Walks Softy blog.)