We the Bone Collectors

Good morning! My Husband and I collected some more bones yesterday. From his parents farm in Te Hana. Lovely way to spend an afternoon. ( To clarify, James uses animal bones to make sculptures and dream catchers. We also use them in home decor. So it’s not a black magic/serial killer sort of thing. Honest.)… Continue reading We the Bone Collectors

Beckon Couture · Cog & Compass

Of Adornments and Insects

Well now, So I’ve rescued photos, taken new photos, and updated the blog decor (don’t think that was easy, it wasn’t, whoever says it is can kiss my shiny metal ass). So now I’m finally settling in to show you something new. Finally. I’ve always been entranced by the opulence of Victorian era jewellery. The… Continue reading Of Adornments and Insects