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A Most Intrigueing Update

Scallywags and Gentlefolk, prepare to be intrigued! In my intro I promised you reality tweaking, ray guns and general snappy dressing goodness – and I shall deliver! This is a little update to let you know what’s happening behind the scenes. In the workroom the many tentacles of my creativity have been spreading. Gadgets, doodads and… Continue reading A Most Intrigueing Update

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Doyle – The Black Dragon

Greetings friend, and welcome back! Doyle here is the last baby dragon I’ll introduce for a wee while. I feel we need to vary our conversation somewhat, but I’m sure we’ll get back to dragons later. Doyle was born to celebrate the engagement of two friends of mine, Tim and Tarah ( who just happen… Continue reading Doyle – The Black Dragon

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Nithhogr- The Bone Serpent

This is Nithhogr, a baby bone serpent. As small and wary as he may appear, I can assure you he’s a direct descendant of the original Nithhogr . Devourer of corpses, a great Norse serpent who gnawed at the roots of the world tree Yggdrasil,  Nithhogr was one badass  mythical creature! I created Nithhogr as a birthday… Continue reading Nithhogr- The Bone Serpent