Cog & Compass

Valkyrie Dawn- Reality Tweaker

Salutations Traveller,

Since this blog is essentially a conversation (albeit largely one-sided), it would be rude for me to begin without introducing myself properly.

In the real world I’m Jaimee – Spectacle wearing Designer, Wife and Creative Messy Type.

In my world I’m Valkyrie Dawn – Steampirate, Dirigible Captain and all-round Snappy Dresser.

Being a snappy dresser is important to me. Clothes can change your personality. They can transform this reality into a better one. A more intriguing one. One where ray guns and bustle skirts are commonplace, and no one questions your highly questionable accent.

That’s why I started Cog & Compass. I want to help you tweak your reality.

This tweaking starts with the workroom in my New Zealand home. Here I handcraft items with character (and story lines.. and their own theme music… ). I want to send them out across the world to you – little parcels of fantasy and imagination. But I don’t just make what I want, I wish to make what You want.

That’s why I’ve started this blog. To bring you behind the velvet curtain. So I can show you my ideas, and you can tell me yours. So I can create exactly what you need, just for you.

If your reality needs a little customising, let me know. I can help.

Time Flies

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