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Xipil – The Noble of Fire

Good morrow curious travellers! Introducing Xipil. Inspired by mythic lore regarding salamanders and their affinity with fire, this wee fellow is my favourite baby dragon. Unlike their amphibious real world counterparts, the┬ámythical salamander is seen as the elemental of fire. Leonardo da Vinci proclaimed that “This has no digestive system, and gets no food but… Continue reading Xipil – The Noble of Fire


Giving Birth to Baby Dragons

Phew, I’ve been hacking away at this post for a week and a half now! I’m still new to this blogging business, and talking about myself is much harder than originally imagined. I’ve been trying to explain how I give birth to baby dragons (figuratively of course, literally would be most unpleasant!). Gestated as concepts,… Continue reading Giving Birth to Baby Dragons

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The Definition of a Creative Magician

My blog is titled “Cog & Compass – Explanations of a Costumier and Creative Magician”, but what exactly does that mean? It seems to be time for the first of many explanations… Why that tagline? Every story has a beginning, a middle and an end, so we’ll start at the beginning, with the Explanations part.… Continue reading The Definition of a Creative Magician

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Valkyrie Dawn- Reality Tweaker

Salutations Traveller, Since this blog is essentially a conversation (albeit largely one-sided), it would be rude for me to begin without introducing myself properly. In the real world I’m Jaimee – Spectacle wearing Designer, Wife and Creative Messy Type. In┬ámy world I’m Valkyrie Dawn – Steampirate, Dirigible Captain and all-round Snappy Dresser. Being a snappy… Continue reading Valkyrie Dawn- Reality Tweaker