Wasteland Warriors: CannonBall Run NZ Preview!

Cannonball NZ 2014

Yesterday was awesome. We dressed up, drove fast, robbed a petrol station, took hostages and ambushed mercenaries. All in the name of charity! The 2014 NZ Cannonball run was an amazing Mad Max: The Road Warrior themed car rally, and … Continue reading

The ‘V’ Word

valentines day gift

Like every year, the pink and red bonanza that is Valentines Day is upon us. But if fluffy teddies and overblown heart balloons aren’t your style, Beckon Couture could save you agonizing over which heart shaped novelty is less cringeworthy. … Continue reading

Workroom Journal: It’s a Hard Life


It’s a hard life for my tools. Banged and scraped around, it’s no wonder they look a little rough around the edges! With all my current projects being top secret, I thought I’d let the tools take the limelight for … Continue reading



Pret -a-Papier ; a world of splendour in trompe l’oeil. Fashion isn’t just about fabric, it’s about style, and style can created with anything. Belgian artist Isabelle De Borchgrave proves it. While you’d expect to see these garments at the … Continue reading

Workroom Journal: Steampunk Sketches

J. Beck 2012 military steampunk

I’m working on secret wedding dresses at the moment. Big secret wedding dresses. That means no photos, and no blogging! To make up for the lack of current content, here’s some sketches from my concept files. Steampunk style at its … Continue reading

Only One Market Til Christmas!


Soaked up the sun while working at the Coatesville farmers & craft market today, it’s hard to believe Christmas is only 25 days away! Luckily there’s still the twilight market to go, so don’t panic yet if you haven’t ticked … Continue reading